AY 2022 Match


More Allopathic and Osteopathic Candidates Matched, but Fewer IMGs Entered Nephrology


Kurtis A. Pivert, MS


December 1, 2021

Executive Summary

The number of residents matching in nephrology edged slightly lower according to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). In the second pandemic-era Match, 335 candidates obtained a fellowship position, a 3% decline from appointment year (AY) 2021.

AY 2022 Match Key Data Points:

  • 69% of fellowship positions were taken on Match Day, with 52% of training tracks offered by nephrology training programs filling all offered slots.
  • More allopathic (US MD, 96 residents), and osteopathic (DO, 56 residents) candidates obtained nephrology positions, but the number of international medical graduates (IMGs) entering nephrology dropped 14%.
  • There were 0.7 candidates who preferred nephrology for each fellowship slot, with 93% of residents preferring the specialty obtaining a position, unchanged from last year.

Match Results in Detail

Incoming Fellows

In the AY 2022 Match, 335 of the 484 offered nephrology fellowship positions were filled (69%), down 5% from last year (see Table 1). The number of IMGs and US IMGs matching in nephrology both declined 14%, yet matched US MD candidates (96 residents) and DOs (56) were up 8% and 30% over AY 2021. Although 93% of fellows preferring nephrology matched into the specialty, the ratio of candidates preferring nephrology to offered fellowship positions in the Match—which has been <1 since AY 2016—edged down to .7 candidates/position.

Table 1: Matched Nephrology Fellow Characteristics*

*Note: Total Applicants for AY 2022 not reported on Match Day.
Source: NRMP.

Matched IMG Fellows Declined 14% in AY 2022

Source: NRMP.

Like AY 2021, 93% of Fellows Preferring Nephrology Matched

Source: NRMP.

Ratio of Candidates Preferring Nephrology to Positions Dropped Slightly to 0.7

Source: NRMP.

Nephrology Fellowship Training Tracks

Fewer training tracks offered by nephrology fellowships filled in AY 2022—52% vs. 57% in AY 2021. 178 tracks—comprising clinical, research, and nephrology critical care among other fellowships—were offered in the Match, 93 of which were filled on Match Day. The number of nephrology fellowship slots offered—484 positions in AY 2022— was similar to AY 2021 (up 2%). Unfilled tracks and slots were up 15% and 16%, respectively (see Table 2).

Table 2: Nephrology Match—Training Tracks

Source: NRMP.

The Proportion of Filled Tracks Fell to 52%

Source: NRMP.

93 Training Tracks Filled All Positions

Source: NRMP.

69% of Fellowship Positions Filled, Down 5% Over AY 2021

Source: NRMP.

Positions Edged Up and the Gap in Unfilled Slots Widened

Source: NRMP.

Medical Subspecialties Match in Context

Between AY 2017 and AY 2022 Match cycles, nephrology has lagged most medical subspecialties in filling offered fellowship positions.

Abbreviations: CRD = Cardiovascular; END = Endocrinology; GAS = Gastroenterology; GER = Geriatrics; HMO = Hematology and Oncology; HSP = Hospice and Palliative Care; ID = Infectious Diseases; NPH = Nephrology; PCC = Pulmonary Critical Care.

ERAS Application Cycle

ERAS data foreshadowed this year’s nephrology Match outcomes. The virtual application process—initiated in 2020 during the first pandemic-era Match—continued to fuel a high number of applications to nephrology training programs. Nephrology candidates were up 4% and applications up 12% year over year, nearly matching the high water mark set in AY 2014 according to data through October 31, 2021. However IMG candidates (comprising both foreign IMGs and US IMGs) declined 8% at the same time US MDs applying to nephrology were up 18% and DOs up 55%.

Candidate Totals Edged Up 4% in AY 2022

Source: ERAS.

Candidate Totals Through October Nearly Match AY 2014’s Record

Source: ERAS.

Growth in Nephrology Applications Continued

Source: ERAS.

With Totals Nearing AY 2014

Source: ERAS.

IMG Candidates Decreased 8% in AY 2022

Source: ERAS.

Current Fellows in Training

Fewer fellows obtained their fellowship in the post-Match scramble in the current academic year (AY 2021-2022) according to new data from the ASN Nephrology GME Census. This year, 109 PGY-4s entered after the Match, the lowest number since AY 2013, and down 24% over last year.

1st-Year Fellow Totals Remain Steady

Source: ACGME/ASN (2020).


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