First Look: AY 2023 Match


Matched Candidates in Nephrology Increased 7% in AY 2023


Kurtis A. Pivert, MS


November 30, 2022

Key Takeaways from the AY 2023 Nephrology Match

A total of 359 candidates matched into nephrology fellowship positions for appointment year (AY) 2023, up 7% from last year according to data released today by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

  • There were 121 international medical graduates (IMGs) who obtained nephrology positions, similar to AY 2022. IMGs have comprised the majority of nephrology trainees since 2008.

  • Matched osteopathic candidates were up 4% to 58 residents in AY 2023; 103 US MDs entered nephrology as well as 77 US-IMGs who comprised 21% of all matched fellows this year.

  • Of 178 nephrology training tracks offered in AY 2023 58% (103 tracks) filled, with 73% of 493 positions offered being claimed on Match Day this year.

Match Results in Detail


Out of the 368 candidates who preferred nephrology 345 obtained nephrology fellowship positions in AY 2023. Allopathic residents entering nephrology increased 7% from AY 2022, with IMGs up 1%, DOs up 4%, and US-IMGs up 22% (see Table 1). The ratio of nephrology candidates changed to 0.75 candidate/position.

Table 1: Nephrology Candidate Trends AY 2018–AY 2023*

*Note: Total Applicants for AY 2023 not reported on Match Day.
Source: NRMP.

More US MDs and US-IMGs Matched in Nephrology in AY 2023

94% of Candidates Preferring Nephrology Matched in AY 2023

The Ratio of Nephrology Candidates to Available Nephrology Positions Increased to 0.75

Nephrology Training Tracks

In AY 2023, 178 nephrology training tracks (e.g., Clinical, Research, or Critical Care–Nephrology) were offered in the nephrology Match, of which 58% filled all of their available slots. There were 493 positions offered for AY 2023, an increase of 2% over AY 2022 (see Table 2).

Table 2: Trends—Nephrology Match Training Tracks AY 2018–AY 2023

Source: NRMP.

Proportion of Filled Training Tracks Increased in AY 2023

103 Training Tracks Filled All Fellowship Positions

73% of Fellowship Positions Filled, Up 5%

Offered Fellowship Positions Were Up in AY 2023 with 134 Unfilled on Match Day


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