First Look: AY 2024 Match


Matched Candidates in Nephrology Down 11% in AY 2024


Kurtis A. Pivert, MS


November 29, 2023

Key Takeaways from the AY 2024 Nephrology Match

Only 321 candidates matched into nephrology in the appointment year (AY) 2024 Match, down 11% from last year. Data released today by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) revealed:

  • A total of 94 out of 180 nephrology training tracks in the AY 2024 Match filled (52%), with 66% of the 488 fellowship positions offered claimed on Match Day.

  • 117 international medical graduates (IMGs) obtained nephrology positions, similar to AY 2023. IMGs comprised 36% of nephrology trainees this year.

  • Matched allopathic candidates were down 20% to 82 residents in AY 2024; 53 DOs entered nephrology as well as 69 US-IMGs who comprised 21% of all matched fellows for AY 2024.

Match Results in Detail


Of 327 candidates preferring nephrology 307 obtained a nephrology fellowship position in AY 2024. Allopathic residents entering nephrology declined 20% from AY 2023, with IMGs down 3%, DOs down 9%, and US-IMGs down 10% (see Table 1). The ratio of nephrology candidates declined to 0.67 candidates/position.

Table 1: Nephrology Candidate Trends AY 2018–AY 2024*

*Note: Total Applicants for AY 2024 not reported on Match Day.
Source: NRMP.

Fewer US MDs and Fewer IMGs Matched into Nephrology in AY 2024

94% of Candidates Preferring Nephrology Matched in AY 2024

The Ratio of Candidates to Nephrology Positions Declined to 0.67

Nephrology Training Tracks

In AY 2024, 180 nephrology training tracks (e.g., Clinical, Research, or Critical Care–Nephrology) were offered in the nephrology Match, of which 52% filled all of their available slots. There were 488 positions offered for AY 2024, a decrease of 1% over AY 2023 (see Table 2).

Table 2: Trends—Nephrology Match Training Tracks AY 2018–AY 2024

Source: NRMP.

Proportion of Filled Training Tracks Decreased in AY 2024

94 Training Tracks Filled All Fellowship Positions

66% of Fellowship Positions Filled, Down 10%

Fewer Positions Were Offered This Year, 167 of Which Were Unfilled

Predicting Match Outcomes Using July ERAS Data

There is a moderately strong linear relationship between the number of nephrology candidates in July with that year’s total matched fellows (ordinary least squares, R2=0.9). The model is limited by a low level of information, with data available only from the AY 2014 cycle onward. Yet the model makes some intuitive sense given that candidates applying to nephrology fellowships in July are committed to pursuing the specialty. In AY 2024, there were 313 candidates in July, with the model predicting 312 matched fellows, 9 fewer than this year’s final total of 321.

Linear Regression of ERAS Nephrology Candidates in July with Matched Fellows


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